25 tablet

QPSMR scripting and DP software, integrating with audio recording & simultaneous listening facility for CATI & GPS enabled devices for CAPI

GPS Co-ordinates

Tracking of start/ end point & interviewer route

Interactive digital maps sampling techniques


We have a dedicated team for CLT’s.

10 venues that we recommend using covering all SEC’s.

Venues are up to EBSAR standards


100% recorded interviews

Possibility of simultaneous listening & whispering

100% Logical checks

Random digit generation

systematic random sampling techniques always applied

Auto dialer

Data encryption

RAID backup on multiple servers to prevent data loss

It is important to note that the purpose of validations is to provide a measure of interviewer quality – not to improve interviewer quality. Issues identified from this activity should be used to improve processes which in turn, improve quality. Errors detected are normally corrected but this can only have a marginal impact on data quality